Sunday, January 16, 2005


Here's a game Breyean, Lieselmunky and The First Mate thougt up at Rick's Dessert Diner: You're planning a party, and you can invite any five people, who may bring someone with them, and can include one mixer/gate crasher. Celebrities, fictional characters, friends of yours, whatever, just try not to re-invite anyone, because that's just awkward. The only rule is: make it ten-four hard-core cool. These parties are taking place in Tortuga, on seperate floors of the same building, but all of them share a single bathroom.
Because they were already on another blog, i posted the original three parties.

Brian is inviting:
Fox (from Aesop's Fables) [Smuggling in a whole crapload of other foxes]
Orr (from Catch 22) [brought a pair of crab-apples]
Kelso (from That 70s Show) [wanted to bring Jackie, but she doesn't like costume parties]
Haruhara Haruko (from Fuliculi) [dragged along kid]
The Joker (animated) [brought Harley]
and his mixer is: Baloo from Talespin

Andy is inviting:
Donkey (from Shrek) [brought the dragon]
Inigo Montoya (from Princess Bride) [may bring Fezzik]
Childlike Empress (from Neverending Story) [Brought Bastian]
The Tick (!!!) [Brought either Arther or Wooden-Boy]
Indiana Jones [Brought some woman]
and his mixer(s): Brak and his date Milly Thompson (from Trigun)

Liesel is inviting:
Ford Prefect (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) [came alone but will leave with Haruhara Haruko]
Captain Hook (the book version) [Asked Tink, but wound up bringing Smee]
Jareth the Goblin King (from Labyrinth) [Came by himself]
Donald J. Shimoda (from Richard Bach's "Illusions") [brought a fellow pilot]
Batgirl (the Adam West version) [brought a galpal]
His mixer is: Holly Golightly (from Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Liam is Inviting:
Shadow (From American Gods) [Brought Sam]
Siddhartha Gotama (The OB, Original Buddha) [Brought Jesus, but as Krishna's Avatars, to cover his bases.]
Isaac Newton (Will sulk with a book under the punch table; will only come out if Aristotle shows up, so he can heckle him, or if someone smart enough to talk to asks him to.)
Ludwig Van Beethoven [Brought Tarja Turunen, from Nightwish: will sing some of his pieces when the punch gets spiked)
Ender Wiggin [Brought Bean, who will end up talking to Newton]
His mixer is: Nicholas LeSangeur


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