Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Revenge of the Son of The Mecha-Pt. 2

Cwruidth: a kitten plotting brutal killing sprees isn't enough for you?
Cwruidth: What do you want from me, Ashley?
Cwruidth: i'm a mere mortal!
Ashulee: blood.
Cwruidth: ...
Cwruidth: :(
Cwruidth: all of it?
Ashulee: not all of it. maybe like a quart.
Cwruidth: does it have to be mine?
Ashulee: yes.
Cwruidth: well, i've had worse. How do you want it, in a wine bottle?
Ashulee: in a large hourglass.
Cwruidth: that's novel
Ashulee: I thought so.
Cwruidth: i don't really have the cash for that, would you accept one of those two-soda bottle tornado things?


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