Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reflection of a Bon Voyage

A Boy sits lost below a mirror
The crow's wing of hair hides his profile
A broken spider with misted lenses
Let fall by his tsunami crash to the floor
All in one moment, she was too far away
and in the end, it wasn't the hearstrings
that she pulled with her that gave.
All in one moment, so many things
had gone south this winter
  • a sunbeam on hardwood floor
  • a Christmas in summer
  • a walk at night, but safety

She went as she had come
And slowly, self-importantly, he stood up
His whole world asking
"T'es-ti tant?"
"T'es-ti titan?"
Too late, he'd decided the answer was "Yes."
His sometime-twiney arm
Grasped the only music he had,
Gripped his cedar confidence,

And played her on her way.



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