Thursday, March 10, 2005

To the Teeth.

I've grinned and had to bare it all.
Some times I'm left on my own back porch up high. Sunlight shining.
Cigarettes burning down the innocence.
The world is unforgiving. As is the sun.
Up high, I am but fragile in nature.
My limbs just a slave to the mind which cannot yet make a sound and profound decision.
Like a robot to search, a reputation to destroy the security.
The sun embalms me as I learn to understand the point of the light coming down.
You can spend hours trying to please everything and everyone.
But at night you are to your own lack luster advances. You are but the one that puts yourself to rest at dark.

It was the smoke that unfurled.
I've grinned and had to bare it all.
For in your eyes I seek a difference,
But in the reflection of your dilation becomes a realm of a whole generation.... the unknown.


Blogger Third said...

Glad to see Brian and i aren't the only ones who remember this is here...


6:56 PM  

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