Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Imagine the cost of research and development.

Ever just wiggle your fingers and watch the tendons move under your skin?

We live in a shell of such complexity that - to a point - it can be split open, or crushed, and it will repair itself.

I can think of three ways off the top of my head that my body is totally unique. No one else has my fingerprint, nor my retinal pattern, nor my DNA. There must be others.

If we systematically break down our muscles just so, they will grow back, stronger. No, you heard that right. Stronger.

The largest organ of the body - the skin - is supple and elastic, has a built-in cooling / waste elimination system, and is pressure-sensitive over its entire surface.

And it's all powered by water and plant matter. Meat optional.

Seriously. Too freakin' cool.


Blogger Third said...

It always amazes me how people take their bodies for granted. This has long been one of my favorite things to think about. Consistently, when people ask the superficial question "What's your favorite thing about your body?" i answer "It does what i tell it to."
And for all the amazing things the human body does, i can still imagine some of the naysayers if it ever hit the storefronts... "i hear it's not ACTUALLY waterproof, only water-resistant. You can't completely submerge it more than a few minutes." "i heard it's temperature sensative. If it's not kept around 99 degrees, the whole thing breaks down." and my personal favorite: "It's got a strange interface, with really slow learning curve. It takes like, years to get used to monitoring everything so you can do it all without thinking."

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