Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tell Me...

Do you share in my joys?
Are you smiling to see me in love with a wonderful girl?
Do your eyes fall downcast when i can't remember what the trick was to tying your shoes?
Or when it's hard for me to remember your face?
Do you cry for our memories when i remember you telling me your favorite color in the woodchips under the slides?
Can you dance with me while i'm asleep?
Tell me you're here with me.
Tell me you allways will be.
The man i am becoming will always have a twelve year old guide.
Reminding him
That he needs a sweatshirt when it's cold.
That he needs to remember how to listen.
That grandma says everyone deserves Courtesy.
You will never grow old for me; i will remember you always.
Smile for me, Sunshine.
The moon is Silver for you.


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