Sunday, August 28, 2005

[Tall, Dark Stranger]: haha i was playing bloody knuckles with this girl the other day and i broke her hand
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: hahahaha
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: it was great
Cwruidth: Dude, [name omitted]. Sometimes, i'm pretty convinced that you're [name omitted].
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: lol
Cwruidth: no, like. F'reals.
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: there is no more truly moving religious experience than beatin on a woman
Cwruidth: what about enlightenment?
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: what about it
Cwruidth: not more religious?
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: nah, i think thats more spiritual rather than religious
Cwruidth: hmm. i see. What's the second most moving religious experience?
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: cheatin on a cheater
Cwruidth: third?
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: hmm, i think the third would be that holy vindication that you feel after you get someone to concede a point to you in an argument
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: you know how good it feels when you're just completely and totally enraged to the point that you feel that if you knew how to, you could start an atomic reaction just with the power of your mind
Cwruidth: well, you know that in all the chemical bonds in all the molecules in your body, you contain as much energy as many many suns; meaning that you could, at any time you want, release all the energy contained in every weapon ever discharged in the world, if you knew how to get at that energy, and really wanted to make a point.
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: thats fourth
Cwruidth: this is quite a religion you've got worked out.
[Tall, Dark Stranger]: amen


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