Thursday, December 29, 2005

Advent Now

I've reposted my Christmas story of last year on my blog, and it's gotten me thinking. I focused on the classic Christmas story and didn't get into the world surrounding it, but... what would that world be like?

Here's the premise: Jesus is born in 2004. 2005, if you like. Thus, Christianity doesn't hit the scene until at least 2035. What does that do to the world, especially Western Civilization? Cwruidth, I wanna hear your thoughts on this one. Heh.


1) The British form no substantial colonies in North America.
2) The Rennaissance takes on a distinctly different flavor, if it happens at all.
3) What the heck happens to Rome?

Obviously we have no Protestant Reformation, no Spanish Inquisiton, and no Crusades. No Roman Catholic Church in the West and no Greek Orthodox in the East.

*head spins*

Have fun.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

i can't describe how eerie it is
to recognize someone who was your best friend
but who you don't even know.