Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Revenge of the Son of The Mecha-Pt. 2

Cwruidth: a kitten plotting brutal killing sprees isn't enough for you?
Cwruidth: What do you want from me, Ashley?
Cwruidth: i'm a mere mortal!
Ashulee: blood.
Cwruidth: ...
Cwruidth: :(
Cwruidth: all of it?
Ashulee: not all of it. maybe like a quart.
Cwruidth: does it have to be mine?
Ashulee: yes.
Cwruidth: well, i've had worse. How do you want it, in a wine bottle?
Ashulee: in a large hourglass.
Cwruidth: that's novel
Ashulee: I thought so.
Cwruidth: i don't really have the cash for that, would you accept one of those two-soda bottle tornado things?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ashulee: I kind of got that way about my last bf... I was, and still am kind of convinced that I've loved him more than anyone and was totally planning to ask him to marry me. but... then he would call me all the time while I was working or out with friends and couldn't talk, and after getting off the phone I would worry the whole rest of the day about the discussion we were going to have later about his feelings and how they were hurt by my having a life when he needed to talk... and communcation sorta broke down because he apparently appreciated a lot about me, but only really stated it when he was sad or angry or sexually dissatisfied, and when I said I just needed some space for a while, it got way worse with the jealousy and calling for fear of losing me... until one day I was like "GOD DAMMIT I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF YOU" and I went kind of scary insane for a short while there... :Cwruidth: um
Cwruidth: Ashley, i'm going to level with you here... that's exactly the sort of nightmare-horror that insecure guys like me need to be shielded from at all times.
Ashulee: ah.
Ashulee: I am sorry.
Cwruidth: to a guy with almost no connection to his own feelings like myself, that story is borderline-Lovecraftian.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

7 years.

nightsawake sometimes never had so much meaning
so much
so much that i sit and smile at the absurd nature of it all

how many night sawake did i sit
and wonder
spent my Nights Awake And I Wonder
'wow wow hah'

i could always go on
and i will

but there are still those nights
and i wonder.....