Wednesday, March 22, 2006

inner fire

sometime i fell like im on fire
like the days when i have the one line that gets the whole room laughing or the rant that get me motvated (roachs twinkes orbit soda rambo and the beting of elder snakes , dont ask)
when the burning contents of my insides burn there way up to the back of my mouth just to burn right back into my stomach wich sum days seems like a very small part of hell that no happy just staying inside of me

when i get lost in a though that manged to get thought all the TV like static of my mind takes hold and never lets go (thank you MR.Cortez)

so il ask waht is your flame .


Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Great Physician

The church halls were strewn with the sick and wounded. Deep, livid wounds with flowering infections. Hellish fevers cooking bodies from inside. Limp, useless limbs and slack, dumb mouths.

Among them walked men and women with gentle hands and soft voices, and scars. They moved as one body, consoling and attending and praying. And slowly, the sick and wounded among them stood, healed.

"This place is amazing."

"Yeah," said a man, helping to lift a cripple to his feet. "All the nurses used to be patients."

Friday, March 03, 2006

where i started

never forget where you started
where you came from
and never forget to look ahead
at where you are going

the road may have its dips
and many bridges and forks to cross
but at the end

never forget

you'll get there